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 Bosnia and Herzegovina









 Czech Republic


 Dominican Republic



 El Salvador






 Hong Kong























 North Korea









 Principality Of Monaco




 Saudi Arabia





 South Africa

 South Korea


 Sri Lanka





 Trinidad and Tobago







 United Kingdom



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Pan/Zoom Tool

TIP: Left-click drag the map to PAN, and mousewheel to ZOOM. You can also use the navigation controls on the top-left of the map.

Box Zoom Tool

TIP: Left-click and drag a region of the map to ZOOM into that region.

Draw Polygon AOI Tool

TIP: To finish off your drawing, DOUBLE-CLICK the last point and the shape will be closed.

Draw Box AOI Tool

TIP: Left-click and hold, drag a region and then release to draw a Box area-of-interest.

Move/Shift AOI Tool

TIP: Click and drag your sketched area-of-interest to move around on the map.

Edit AOI Tool

TIP: Select your sketch and enter a mode to enable editing of the points of you drawn region.

Delete AOI Tool

Delete your sketch in order to start over again.

Zoom Global

Revert to a wide view of the entire map.

Zoom into your AOI drawing.

TIP: Use this tool to find your AOI drawing if you explore elsewhere.

Zoom down to street level

TIP: This zooms the map straight down to the centre of the current view.

Download a KML file

TIP: This KML file of your drawing can then be viewed in Google Earth or sent via email.